Range Rover Sport SV, test drive of the 635 PS SUV-ERCAR

It can go off-road like a Range Rover and corner like a sports car even when you overdo it. Like in the video...

A Range Rover is capable of tackling demanding off-road routes, unlike other SUVs. In addition to all-wheel drive, it allows the differentials to lock, it has electronic systems that optimise traction on all types of terrain, and it has suspension that can raise the bodywork so as not to do any damage when passing over obstacles.

The Range Rover Sport SV featured in this test has 635 PS, does 0-62 mph in 3.8 seconds with a top speed of 180 mph, and Land Rover engineers fitted it with carbon-fibre wheels, carbon-ceramic brakes and supercar suspension to prove that a car with off-road characteristics can also be fun to drive.

Why it can be called an SUV-ERCAR

Range Rover Sport cars are called this because they are the most spirited and dynamic models within the Land Rover brand in terms of styling and, in the case of the most powerful engines, also in terms of performance.

The range is topped by the Range Rover Sport SV, which takes over the legacy from the Range Rover Sport SVR for the role of ‚SUV-ERCAR‘, i.e. SUV supercar.

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